Olveston Methodist Church

 Olveston Methodist Church exterior

Olveston Methodist Church was attractively renovated in 2011.  Hired in conjunction with the hall next door, the premises include kitchen facilities and loos. The Church has comfortable chairs.  Seating can be arranged for formal, informal and social gatherings. The space can be set out in a variety of ways: 

- chairs stacked out of the way and the floor space kept free 

- chairs (any number up to 80) arranged in rows, facing in the direction of your choice (for instance to look at the projection screen) 

- chairs grouped around small tables in a café arrangement.

There is a dais which can be used if required. The acoustics are excellent for musical performances and for talks. We have an audio amplification system and an induction loop system.  We also have a projection system.


The Church is available for community use at very reasonable rates; for terms and conditions please contact:  Maggie Spooner: 01454 610053 or email Maggie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What our users have said:

'We've been delighted to have the chance to move into this newly decorated and attractive space.  With new members joining, our Society meetings were getting rather too large for comfort in the Methodist Hall next door.  We were having to cram people in!  This new venue is bright and attractive and warm in winter. The chairs are very comfortable and the Methodist Church is very happy for us to configure the seating as we want it. It's great to be able to seat 50 - 70  people in comfort.  We would recommend the Methodist Church as a very flexible and welcoming community meeting place.'  - Programme Secretary, Olveston Parish Historical Society


Olveston Methodist Church interior