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Here is a selection of news, newsletters and websites which the Parish Council thinks may be of interest to parish residents:

  • The 2014 Olveston Parish Annual Assembly will be held in the Parish Hall on Tuesday 29th April at 7.30pm and all parishioners are warmly invited to attend! (The report of last year's Assembly is at the bottom of this page.)  The key theme this year will be Local Services (specifically, Police, the Fire Service and Streetcare, all of which are currently experiencing significant changes).  This will be your chance to hear the latest news on these key services.  Additionally, you can find out about the Parish's three newly-purchased Defibrillators - discover where they will be located and how you can learn how to use them!
  • Scroll down the page to the section on Council Meetings to find the most recently approved Parish Council minutes.  You can also read the draft minutes of the 2013 Annual Parish Assembly, held in May, and a presentation given to the Assembly by staff from the Environment Agency about Flood and Coastal Risk Management. 
  • As part of our efforts to keep local residents informed about local issues, we are trialling a Facebook page.
  • The South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the organisation responsible for making sure that the people of South Gloucestershire have the health services they need. As clinicians serving the population of South Gloucestershire, they are committed to working together with patients and the public, S. Glos Council, and our main providers of health services, to improve the health of people living in South Gloucestershire.  A further site which may be of interest is Healthwatch South Gloucestershire.
  • You may be interested to read about a current, multi-partner project, with South Gloucestershire Council as the umbrella organisation, focusing on the natural and cultural heritage of the Lower Severn Vale Levels.  The project is called "A Forgotten Landscape" and you are encouraged to get in touch with the project if you have an interest in any aspects of the work.
  • The Care Forum runs Well Aware, a useful online directory of groups and organisations offering health and well-being services and activities.  More than 5000 activities are listed and it is easy to find a wide range of locally based services such as social activities, support groups, community groups, home maintenance, care homes, personal care etc. Access the Well Aware website here.
  • CVS South Gloucestershire produces news and information for voluntary and community sector organisations and groups across South Gloucestershire.  They provide this information in e-bulletins.  You can access the latest e-bulletin from their website.
  • The local SORT IT! Centre in Thornbury now hosts 'Revive', a shop selling affordable items previously used but now unwanted by local residents.  This is part of the philosophy which promotes re-use over recycling and landfill.  If you're looking for some affordable furniture (kitchen chairs? waste paper baskets?), crockery, or miscellaneous items (mirrors?  a drum kit?), why not browse your local Revive Shop, run by SITA UK, with the support of South Gloucestershire Council.  There's plenty to see, all under cover, with free parking.  Read more about it here.
  • Avon and Somerset Police have alerted us to a newsletter called Senior Siren, produced for the local older adult population.  It contains a mixture of articles of general interest and some useful crime prevention and home/personal safety advice. You can see the latest issue of Senior Siren here.  You can also find back copies of the newsletter and other useful information on the website of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team - click here
  • A planning application for the erection of two 130 metre high wind turbines at Valley Farm, Ingst Hill in the parish of Olveston has been sent in to South Gloucestershire Council. You can view the application online here.  The deadline for comments on the application was 25 January 2013.  In October2012, Olveston Windfarm Action Group launched a weather balloon close to to the proposed site, at a height of 126 metres (the height originally proposed for the turbines), to give an idea of the visual impact of the turbines.  You can see here photos of the weather balloon taken by local residents from a number of different local viewpoints.  REG Windpower, the company which has submitted the planning application, has provided - as one of its 218 supporting documents - a map showing what they consider to be the maximum area within which the turbines could be visible. The green areas show places from where the tips of the turbine blades could be seen; the yellow areas show places from where the hub and blades could be seen.  You can see REG Windpower's map here.  Olveston, Aust, Pilning and severn Beach, Alveston, Oldbury-on-Severn, Hill and Rockhampton Parish Councils oppose the planning application. 
  • You can follow the progress of Avon and Somerset's recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner on the official PCC website here.
  • The South Gloucestershire Family Placement Team is keen to find local people who could act, on a regular basis, as carers offering short-term breaks for children or young people, especially children on the autistic spectrum. Share the Care allows people to establish long-term relationships with the children and their families but may involve as little as one weekend per month.  To read more about what is involved and to discover how you can find out more, click here.
  • South Gloucestershire Council is committed to supporting the independence and well-being of older people and other vulnerable adults in the area.  They aim to help people live independently and, where possible, in their own homes and they provide some online guidance about the assessments and services provided.  You can see the range of information available here.  
  • You can view a poster here about Carers Groups in South Gloucestershire.  There 4 different kinds of groups now: All Carers groups, Dementia groups, Learning Difficulties groups and Mental Health groups.  No need to book.  You can just turn up.  It's a chance for carers to have a cup of tea and a chat and to pick up some information.  Check out the poster to discover how to find your local groups. 
  • Since 1 January 2012, there have been new arrangements for the local registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships.  To read about the arrangements and to find the opening times of your nearest register office, click here.
  • You can check out a wide range of bus times on the South Gloucestershire Council website.  If you are interested in the 622 route, times are available here.
  • There is a website called Well Aware, which gives information about health, well-being and community services for everyone in South Gloucestershire, Bristol, and Bath & NE Somerset. The website, which is run by The Care Forum (a not-for-profit voluntary organisation and charity), gives information about 1000s of groups, organisations, activities and services.  It has a user-friendly format which makes it easy to find support for a friend, family member - or for yourself.
  • The Parish Council has received news of an Emergency Carers Service, provided by South Gloucestershire Council, which it thinks local residents would be interested to know about.  You can find out about the service here.



Chair - June Lyons


Vice Chair - Irene Reid


Vice Chair - John Hughes


Adrian Baxter


Sue Hunter


Jamie Mayes

07810 636826

Richard Panes



Clerk to the Council:


Richard Rogers, 8 Orchard Rise, Olveston BS35 4DY

07780 572594

email: olvestonpc@gmail.com




Chairs of Committees:


Leisure and Recreation

John Hughes


Adrian Baxter


Irene Reid



Footpaths Warden:

Rod Williams 612850



Primary Contacts for various parish organisations & interest groups:

Old Down Sports & Social Club …

Richard Panes

Tennis Club …

Jamie Mayes

Parish Hall Management Committee …

Adrian Baxter

Pre-School …

John Hughes

Bowls Club …

Richard Panes

Olveston CEVC …

Valerie Tutin (co-opted)

Religious Groups …

June Lyons

Footpath Warden …

Rod Williams (co-opted)

Olveston United Football Club …

Richard Panes

Old Down Cricket Club …

Richard Panes

Meeting Point …

Parish Clerk

Olveston Scouts/Guides/Endeavour Explorers …

Jamie Mayes

Woodhouse Park …

Jamie Mayes

Daldry Gardens & the Elderly

Sue Hunter / Irene Reid

Allotments …

John Hughes

Health & Care …

Irene Reid 



Council Meetings

Parishioners are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings.  These are generally held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  Check out the Events page on this website for dates and times of meetings.  Please contact the Clerk if you plan to attend. 

You can read the most recently approved minutes of Olveston Parish Council here and the most recently approved minutes of the Council's Recreation and Leisure Committee here.  (These minutes are put on the website once they have been approved and signed as an accurate record at the subsequent meeting of each committee.)

You can read the draft minutes for the 2013 Parish Assembly (including the Chairman's report in full) here.  These minutes are in draft form only until approved at the 2014 Annual Parish Assembly. Two representatives of the Environment Agency were guests at the 2013 Parish Assembly and spoke about Flood and Coastal Risk Management in the Wessex Area (which includes our area).  You can see a pdf version of their presentation here.  The original presentation, including support notes, is available from the Parish Clerk.


Our Parish Matters

Reports on parish matters are often included in Meeting Point, our local community magazine.  Printed below is the most recent report from Richard Rogers, the Parish Clerk: 

The Parish Council is relieved to learn that this year's Severn Bridge Road race due to be held on Sunday March 2nd has now been relocated to a course around Malmesbury. Meeting Point readers may recall the tragedy during this cycle event last year, and we wish the organisers, local residents, participants and especially their families an enjoyable and safe race.

The Annual Parish Assembly has now been confirmed for Tuesday 29th April from 7:30 at the Parish Hall in Tockington, and everyone is invited. There will be opportunities to meet Councillors, and most importantly give parishioners a chance to present their observations and opinions.

Olveston Parish Council will present its Accounts for 2013/14, and 2014/15 Budget. A Precept of £36,000 has been set for next year, representing a 0% increase despite a number of ‘optional’ costs passed down by South Glos Council (which will also be discussed). It is also possible that, due to further changes defined by central government, the actual charge per resident may fall this year.

The key theme at this year’s Assembly will be the local services. There have recently been significant changes to Policing, the Fire Brigade and also the ‘Street Care’ from South Glos Council, and the presentations will go a long way towards clarifying what these services are and how residents can utilise them.

The Parish (through generous donations and grants from a number of clubs, societies and organisations) is in the process of procuring three defibrillators, and the meeting will close with a presentation and hopefully instruction on how these devices can be used. We look forward to seeing you there.



Here is the Parish Clerk's report on the Annual Parish Assembly held in May 2013:

The Parish Council would like to thank all who attended the Parish Assembly on May 2nd 2013 and enjoyed an interesting presentation from the Environment Agency. As mentioned at the Assembly, the Council is looking to improve its communications with parishioners and is trialling a facebook page in addition to the Olveston website. We will continue to maintain the regular Meeting Point article with as much information as possible, and are always interested in other ways to distribute information.

Mrs Lyons, Olveston Parish Chairman, welcomed everyone and informed the Assembly that on average seven Councillors attended each of the monthly meetings and that Mr Riddle, our District Councillor, only missed two. Three Parish Councillors left at the end of March, having collectively given 27 years service to the Parish, and new Councillors are being co-opted. During the year, 8 parishioners and 2 visitors attended Parish Council meetings, to discuss the proposed wind farm, speeding throughout the parish, and defibrillators. Mr Richard Lloyd was thanked for his help with S.Glos Council consultation documents on the Olveston Conservation area, and Mr Geoff Chappell for volunteering to lead the CPRE Village of the Year Competition (which Olveston won).

The Planning Committee had to consider 70 planning applications including the wind farm at Ingst, house extensions, conversions of redundant farm buildings, tree works within the conservation area, and several applications that changed the use of agricultural land to equine, including stables and manège. There were also several applications for solar panels, including one for 19 ground mounted units. The Projects Committee has worked hard to get the Parish Vision Steering Group set up, meeting with other Parish Councils, and interest groups to understand the process. The Steering group now meets regularly, chaired by Mark Roper and Keren Ansty, and has its own website. The Projects Committee has also been working with Olveston Methodist Church to host an internet facility within the Parish.

The very poor weather through the year has exacerbated the many drainage issues in the Parish, as well as affecting the footpaths and the environment. The Parish Council has been working with S.Glos engineers and Matthew Riddle to seek solutions. Our thanks again go to Rod Williams who continues to walk our footpaths and organise the litter picks throughout the year. It is also hoped that the telephone boxes which are now owned by the Council will become scenic reminders of the past.

The Recreation & Leisure Committee has maintained the play areas and, in conjunction with Olveston Pre-School, installed new equipment in Tockington. Work is ongoing to repair the War Memorial Steps, undertake repairs to the Queen Alexandra Memorial Pavilion, and update leases on the Parish Hall and especially the Vicarage Lane Play Area.

Work has continued with the Olveston School Travel Plan Group to improve pedestrian access to the school. This has included a potential car parking area on the Aust road verge, as well as the ideas recently announced in Meeting Point.

Mrs Lyons closed with a vote of thanks to the leaseholder chairmen and committees who continue to provide many facilities in the Parish, the contractors who support the Parish Council and the various parishioners who give up their time to maintain parish amenities. Special thanks went to the Diamond Jubilee Committee, under the chairmanship of Nikki Clark who organised such wonderful celebrations on 4th June 2012.


The Council's Vision Statement

Read the Council's Vision Statement here.



Council Policy on its Donations to Charities

You can read the Council's policy here.  For details of any decisions about donations, you can check the minutes each month.