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Here is a selection of news, newsletters and websites which the Parish Council thinks may be of interest to parish residents:

  • You can see the results of the Olveston Parish Council Elections, held on 7 May, here.  Look under 'Olveston Parish Council'.  Over three months, from June to August 2015, Meeting Point is profiling the nine Parish Councillors, three per month. Read the extracted Profiles here
  • Scroll down the page to the section on Council Meetings to find the most recently approved Parish Council minutes.
  • On 11th December 2014 South Gloucestershire's Planning Committee refused the planning application for the erection of two 130 metre high wind turbines at Valley Farm, Ingst Hill in the parish of Olveston. An appeal has now been lodged through the government planning inspectorate against this decision. You can view the original application online here.  The deadline for comments on the application was 25 January 2013, although comments continued to be sent in up to the date of the meeting.  The council received over a thousand responses.  In October 2012, Olveston Windfarm Action Group launched a weather balloon close to to the proposed site, at a height of 126 metres (the height originally proposed for the turbines), to give an idea of the visual impact of the turbines. You can see here photos of the weather balloon taken by local residents from a number of different local viewpoints. REG Windpower, the company which submitted the planning application, provided - as one of its 218 original supporting documents - a map showing what they consider to be the maximum area within which the turbines could be visible. The green areas show places from where the tips of the turbine blades could be seen; the yellow areas show places from where the hub and blades could be seen. You can see REG Windpower's map here. Olveston, Aust, Pilning and Severn Beach, Alveston, Oldbury-on-Severn, Hill and Rockhampton Parish Councils opposed the planning application.
  • An organisation has been set up in South Gloucestershire called Healthwatch which allows users of local heath and social care services to give feedback on their experiences of the services.  You can find the organisation's website here
  • In relation to the proposal to set up a Community Land Trust, Olveston Parish Council, on 20 March 2015, issued an Open Letter to all Parishioners.  You can read the Open Letter here.
  • Every two months, the Senior Citizen Liaison Team of Avon and Somerset Police produces a magazine called Senior Siren. It is packed with lifestyle and safety advice for the older adult population and features a Senior Spotlight interview each month.  (Recent interviewees have been Dr Lyn Evans, Project Director of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern in Geneva, Mr Trevor Colman, MEP for the South West of England, and Lord Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal.)  You can read current and recent editions on their website.
  • The Mobile Library Van visits Orchard Rise, Olveston and Daldry Gardens, Olveston once a fortnight on Mondays.  Click here to see full details.
  • South Gloucestershire Council is proposing changes to speed limits and waiting restrictions in the village of Olveston, as part of a wider package of measures to make travelling to Olveston School and the area around the school safer for pupils, parents and the wider public. The proposals include the introduction of a 20mph speed limit to several roads in the village and the introduction of new or changes to existing waiting restrictions on several roads. You can see more details, including a map, here. The consultation ended on 29 August.
  • The 2014 Olveston Parish Annual Assembly was held in the Parish Hall on Tuesday 29th April.  If you'd like to read the Parish Clerk's summary of the Chairman's Report, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • As part of our efforts to keep local residents informed about local issues, we are trialling a Facebook page.
  • The South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the organisation responsible for making sure that the people of South Gloucestershire have the health services they need. As clinicians serving the population of South Gloucestershire, they are committed to working together with patients and the public, S. Glos Council, and our main providers of health services, to improve the health of people living in South Gloucestershire. A further site which may be of interest is Healthwatch South Gloucestershire.
  • You may be interested to read about a current, multi-partner project, with South Gloucestershire Council as the umbrella organisation, focusing on the natural and cultural heritage of the Lower Severn Vale Levels. The project is called "A Forgotten Landscape" and you are encouraged to get in touch with the project if you have an interest in any aspects of the work.
  • The Care Forum runs Well Aware, a useful online directory of groups and organisations offering health and well-being services and activities. More than 5000 activities are listed and it is easy to find a wide range of locally based services such as social activities, support groups, community groups, home maintenance, care homes, personal care etc. It has a user-friendly format which makes it easy to find support for a friend, family member - or for yourself. Access the Well Aware website here.
  • CVS South Gloucestershire produces news and information for voluntary and community sector organisations and groups across South Gloucestershire. They provide this information in e-bulletins. You can access the latest e-bulletin from their website.
  • The local SORT IT! Centre in Thornbury now hosts 'Revive', a shop selling affordable items previously used but now unwanted by local residents. This is part of the philosophy which promotes re-use over recycling and landfill. If you're looking for some affordable furniture (kitchen chairs? waste paper baskets?), crockery, or miscellaneous items (mirrors? a drum kit?), why not browse your local Revive Shop, run by SITA UK, with the support of South Gloucestershire Council. There's plenty to see, all under cover, with free parking. Read more about it here.
  • You can follow the progress of Avon and Somerset's recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner on the official PCC website here.
  • The South Gloucestershire Family Placement Team is keen to find local people who could act, on a regular basis, as carers offering short-term breaks for children or young people, especially children on the autistic spectrum. Share the Care allows people to establish long-term relationships with the children and their families but may involve as little as one weekend per month. To read more about what is involved and to discover how you can find out more, click here.  
  • You can view a poster here about Carers Groups in South Gloucestershire. There 4 different kinds of groups now: All Carers groups, Dementia groups, Learning Difficulties groups and Mental Health groups. No need to book. You can just turn up. It's a chance for carers to have a cup of tea and a chat and to pick up some information. Check out the poster to discover how to find your local groups.
  • To read about the arrangements for the local registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships and to find the opening times of your nearest register office, click here.
  • If you are interested in bus times for the local 622 route, times are available here.
  • The Parish Council has received news of an Emergency Carers Service, provided by South Gloucestershire Council, which it thinks local residents would be interested to know about. You can find out about the service here.





Chair of Parish Council – John Hughes


Vice Chair of Parish Council & Chair of Parish Recreation & Leisure Committee – Richard Panes



Geoff Anderson 

07792 285055  

Adrian Baxter


Sue Hunter, Chair of Parish Planning Committee


Alyson Kennea


Pat Savage  


Tony Williams 


Tom Witherbed




Clerk to the Council:


Richard Rogers

07780 572594

8 Orchard Rise, Olveston BS35 4DY


Email: olvestonpc at gmail dot com




It has been decided that the Footpaths and Environment post will remain vacant and the Planning Committee will take over the associated responsibilities:


Planning Member for Olveston …


Planning Member for Outlying Areas …


Planning Member for Tockington …


Planning Member for Old Down …

Sue Hunter



Primary Contacts for various parish organisations and interest groups:

Old Down Sports & Social Club …

Richard Panes

Tennis Club …

Richard Panes

Parish Hall Management Committee …

Adrian Baxter

Pre-School …


Bowls Club …

Richard Panes

Olveston CEVC …

John Hughes/Adrian Baxter

Religious Groups …


Footpath Warden …

Rod Williams (co-opted)

Olveston United Football Club …

Richard Panes

Old Down Cricket Club …

Richard Panes

Meeting Point …

Parish Clerk

Olveston Scouts/Guides/Endeavour Explorers …


Woodhouse Park …


Daldry Gardens & the Elderly

Sue Hunter

Allotments …

Geoff Anderson

Health & Care …

Sue Hunter

Defibrillator Guardians …

Geoff Anderson



Council Meetings

Parishioners are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings. These are generally held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Check out the Events page on this website for dates and times of meetings. Please contact the Clerk if you plan to attend.

You can read the most recently approved minutes of Olveston Parish Council here. (These minutes are put on the website once they have been approved and signed as an accurate record at the subsequent meeting of each committee.)



Our Parish Matters

Reports on parish matters are often included in Meeting Point, our local community magazine. Here is the most recent report from Richard Rogers, the Parish Clerk:

At the Olveston Annual Parish Assembly held on Tuesday 5th May, our South Glos Councillor, Matthew Riddle paid tribute on the retirement of June Lyons and Irene Reid.

The Parish Council would also like to thank Jamie Mayes who left the Council at the recent Parish Elections.  Jamie was a Councillor for two years, and in that time looked after the Tockington play area; represented Tockington’s interest on the Parish Council as well as the Scouts; helped form the Aust Verge Parking Area; and will be best remembered for the amount of time and effort he donated renovating the signage around the village.  Jamie’s ‘can do attitude’ was much appreciated by other Councillors and we will endeavour to complete the projects he began.

At the AGM on the 26th May 2015, John Hughes was elected Chairman of Olveston Parish Council, with Richard Panes as his Vice Chairman.  John has been the Chairman of the Rec & Leisure Committee for a number of years and a Vice Chairman of the Parish Council since 2012.  Richard Panes has been on the Council since May 2013 and also succeeds John as Chairman of the Rec & Leisure Committee.  Sue Hunter was elected as Chairman of the Planning Committee.  A full list of responsibilities and contact details are published on the Olveston website and the Parish notice boards.


2014 Parish Assembly

You can read the minutes of the 2014 Assembly here

Here is the Parish Clerk's summary of the Chairman's Report, given at the 2014 Parish Assembly, held on 29 April:

After welcoming everyone to the Parish Hall, Mrs Lyons introduced new Councillors - Mrs Sue Hunter, Mr Jamie Mayes, Mr Richard Panes, Mr Geoff Chappell and Mr Geoff Anderson. Recently Mrs Jane Webb and Mr Tony Heming left the Council, and Mrs Lyons thanked them for all their work since October 2007. Mrs Webb was responsible for Footpaths and Environment, had an interest in local healthcare issues and was latterly part of the Planning Committee. Mr Heming’s knowledge and expertise was a great asset to the Planning Committee, and he was the representative to the local Churches.

Parish Council meetings are open to all and District Councillor, Mr Matthew Riddle regularly attends. In June the Parish Council discussed the creation of a parking area on the Aust Road verge, inviting Mr R Lloyd (who had questions about construction and utilisation), Mr M Anderson (concerned at how the project was being communicated) and Mrs M Evans (representing the School Travel Plan Parent Group and who wished to thank the Parish Council for their support over many years championing the safety of children being taken to and from school). In July, additional costs being passed down by South Glos Council as part of their consultation on Streetcare Services to make £43million savings were discussed. Mr Michael Dixon representing South Glos detailed options available for grass cutting and dog bin collection, whilst Mr R Lloyd expressed his concerns over the consequences of not maintaining the verge adequately. In September, the Parish Vision Committee provided an update on their questionnaire, and requested that the Parish Council support and administer a £2,000 grant that they had applied for. To promote other Grants available from South Glos, Mr John Hesketh presented to the March meeting of the Recreation & Leisure Committee and representatives from the local Sports Clubs.

The War Memorial steps have been rebuilt and the adjoining walls repaired. The Parish Council is grateful for the many positive comments on the good job the stonemasons have done, and very grateful for the donations received and the support from all those involved. With a generous donation from St. Mary’s Church and a grant from South Glos Council, the Parish Council has constructed the parking area on the Aust Road verge primarily for those dropping off / collecting children from School. With donations from the Diamond Jubilee Committee, St. Mary’s Church and the Sports & Social Clubs based at Old Down, three defibrillators have been purchased. Thank you to everyone who facilitated the installations, contributed or helped in any way with this very worthwhile project.

The Projects Committee under Mr A Baxter’s chairmanship has also created the internet café in conjunction with the Methodist Church, and a facebook page on the internet. Ongoing projects include identifying a site for a new burial ground, digitising Parish documents and accessing Wi-Fi for Parish meetings.

The Recreation & Leisure Committee has met monthly under the chairmanship of Mr J Hughes to ensure regular maintenance of the parish play areas, and associated land & buildings. The Parish Council has recently negotiated a further 25 year lease on the Vicarage Play Area with South Glos Council; redecorated a substantial part of the Pavilion in line with a 5 year refurbishment programme; and, Mr R Panes is working with the various Sports Clubs at Old Down to improve parking, and to get better access to grants and funding.

The Planning Committee chaired by Mrs I Reid has considered 66 applications this year, of which South Glos Council has approved 43, and 6 were refused. Additionally, 5 were withdrawn and 12 remain pending. Whilst South Glos Council doesn’t always agree with the Parish Council, it is hoped that as representatives for our parishioners, our views are taken into consideration. Parish Council representatives have also attended the ‘Olveston Wind farm Action Group’ (OWAG) meetings.

The Parish was better prepared this year for the wettest winter on record, as the drains had been cleared and some of the hot spots sorted with the help of South Glos Council. Part time lighting (switched off 00:00 – 05:00) was also introduced by South Glos Council, and in August the final stretch of footpath was completed from Old Down to Alveston.

Thanks to volunteers, the redundant telephone boxes have been painted and cared for. The Tockington Box is successfully used for book swapping and more importantly a collection point for canned food that is taken weekly to the Thornbury Baptist Church for distribution to those in need – the organisers would like to thank all who contribute.

The Parish Council is keen to improve the local environment and would like to thank South Glos Council for trimming the bank at the top of Haw Lane and those house holders who ensure that footpaths are not overhung by bushes. The Parish Council is also actively supporting the residents at Daldry Gardens in discussions with Merlin Housing Association regarding the poor state of the lawns, shrubs and gardens. A £155 grant has been secured to buy daffodil bulbs, for autumn planting around the parish. Particular thanks go to Rod Williams who continues as our Footpath Warden and also organizes the litter picks.

Mrs Lyons concluded on behalf of the Council, by thanking the Leaseholder Chairmen and Committees for continuing to provide so many activities in our parish; our contractors RGS, Dave Webb, Jim Hallett, Mike Taylor, and the Clerk. Finally she thanked fellow Councillors for all their hard work, the time they give and their support throughout the year.



The Council's Vision Statement

Read the Council's Vision Statement here.


Council Policy on its Donations to Charities

You can read the Council's policy here. For details of any decisions about donations, you can check the minutes each month.