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Welcome to the nine Severnside villages and hamlets of Olveston, Tockington, Awkley, Ingst, Old Down, Lower Hazel, Aust, Elberton and Littleton on Severn


Read our online-only issue of June's Meeting Point.   If you have a friend or neighbour who doesn't have internet access, maybe you could print it off for them? 

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Read the story behind this painting, courtesy of Alison Dix, in the May edition of Meeting Point.

Painting of Tockington by F Crang


New announcements are being made every day regarding the Covid-19 Corinavirus outbreak.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways.

Check out here the latest government advice on what to do during the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

The majority of local public events have been cancelled due to the outbreak.  You can check the online Events listing here but, if in doubt, contact the organisers.

You can read the monthly community magazine Meeting Point online here.

This is a difficult time for everyone, with a lot of uncertainty, but REMEMBER, you live in a caring, local community.  If you need help, don't be afraid to reach out and ask. 

Whether we're staying at home (self-isolating) because we think we may be infected, or keeping our distance physically (even if we don't think we've got it) to slow the spread of the disease, or shopping for other people who can't leave the house, we're all helping, in our different ways, to lessen the impact of this challenge to our everyday lives. 

Don't neglect your health - occasional exercise is good, especially when the weather is fine.  Keep your distance from others, maintaining the 2 metre (6 foot) rule - and don't gather in clusters to chat -  but feel free to hail them in a friendly way!


Many local residents will have got to know, over the last few years, the wonderful local project called A Forgotten Landscape.  Largely funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, staffed by enthusiastic, imaginative and hard-working project workers but - above all - supported by a large band of locally recruited volunteers, this project has celebrated the heritage and the natural environment of the Lower Severn Vale levels.  Although the project was wound up in 2019, its legacy lives on!

Map of the Forgotten Landscape area

Firstly, the project website will stay live for another five years.

15 walking routes Lower Severn Vale

Secondly, fifteen new walking routes have been created in the area. The walks have each been waymarked on the ground, and many include some of the project's benches and interpretation points along the way. Beautifully produced packs of these walks (see picture above) have been widely distributed, but you can access the walks online here.

Tales of the Vale Stories from A Forgotten Landscape

In addition, there is also a pack called Tales of the Vale: Stories from A Forgotten Landscape. This is a mixture of historical research and fascinating oral history interviews on CD, both undertaken by groups of local volunteers over two years.   Again, you can access the Tales of the Vale online.

All this material has also been deposited at Gloucestershire Archives, to be held there permanently.

There are many other interesting aspects to the project website which remain relevant, including ideas for places to visit, details of local birdlife, beautiful soundscapes, and some learning resources for primary schoolchildren.  If you have some spare time, it's worth exploring - not least because it may give you ideas for things to do locally!



Leaflets have been produced, detailing six circular walks in Olveston Parish.

  Leaflet cover

You can download each walk leaflet from the list below.

The walks are:

1. Round Olveston

2. Olveston and Old Down

3. Old Down and Rudgeway

4. Old Down and Tockington

5. Between Olveston and Tockington

6. Down to the Motorway

Perfect for getting active during the spring and summer!

Elberton & the Severn Bridge from Olveston 

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The remains of an old salmon fishing engine on the Severn