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Olveston & Aust Community Website

for the Civil Parishes of Olveston and Aust

Welcome to the nine Severnside villages and hamlets of Olveston, Tockington, Awkley, Ingst, Old Down, Lower Hazel, Aust, Elberton and Littleton on Severn


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SEVERN BRIDGE CLOSURES - During 2016, inspections and maintenance of the M48 Severn Bridge Crossing will result in occasional lane closures, westbound or eastbound cariageway closures or sometimes even full bridge closures.  You can find the most up-to-date information here.

5 MAY 2016 - ELECTION FOR POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER:  You can find the names of the candidates here and the names of their election agents here.  You can read the candidates' personal statements here.

13 May 2016 - DEADLINE for applications for the current OLVESTON PARISH COUNCILLOR vacancy.  Find the details here.

Our local Primary School is keen for local residents to know what is going on in the school.  You can read about the school and download school newsletters from Olveston CEVC Primary School's website.

Elberton & the Severn Bridge from Olveston 

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The remains of an old salmon fishing engine on the Severn